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Want to create loyal customers? We have the answer.

With over a decade of experience, we offer the ULTIMATE rewards for your customers.  Our automatic & integrated points programs delight your customers and turn them into true fans.

We have no startup fees, no long-term contracts & a money-back guarantee. No clunky equipment or new systems to learn. Just a real loyalty program that generates serious results.

If you're serious about rewarding your customers and keeping them coming back, give us a call at 866.414.CLUB.

Why are loyal customers important?  Watch this.


What we do best


Points Programs
Awarding your customers points is the most proven way to keep them coming back. Our points system is hands-off, integrated with your current system, and tracked automatically. Get your very own points program and leave your competition in the dust.  


Rewards Programs
Close more sales by offering your customers additional rewards for doing business with you. We'll implement an unmatched package of cool stuff that will entice your customers to buy more often and make your competition look lame.  


Email Marketing
Communicate effectively with an unlimited amount of options


Lifetime Warranty
Provide your customers with the peace of mind that comes with a Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty. This program provides your customers with coverage that helps close the sale while opening the opportunity to up-sell to a more comprehensive plan.


Case Studies


Walser Rewards
$4.6M additional service revenue


Capstone Rewards
Members spend 66% more


Club OpenRoad
188 additional deals closed YEAR ONE.


Ken Shaw VIP Rewards
Additional 20+ deals closed per month


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What others are saying

  • “My belief is that customer loyalty is a must. The re:member group and their Car Clubs are a must as a tool to get there.”

    — Paul Walser
    Walser Automotive Group

  • “It sells more cars and is a huge competitive advantage.”

    — Andrew Walser
    Walser Automotive Group

  • “re:member group handles the "Mathews Minute eNewsletter" like it was their own communication tool. When you combine their high attention to detail with expert knowledge and practices in electronic communication you get great results; exactly the case for Mathews, Inc. Their customer service is exceptional and I would recommend their services to anyone.”

    — Corrine L. Yohann
    Mathews, Inc.

  • “No more getting hung up on price. Our Walser Car Club program gives us true value to share with our customers — benefits our competition can't match.”

    — Alan Krutsch
    Marketing Director
    Walser Automotive Group

  • “After just 3 months with the program, we had our first customer cash in points toward a new truck. With those points locked in, that customers wasn't going to buy from anyone else!”

    — Steve Massie
    Superior Auto Group

  • “With school budgets driven down to the ground, we're hoping to extend their dollars based on the purchases made with us. We think the timing of this is really good. We've had great loyalty among our customers, and we wanted to acknowledge and reward them.”

    — Matt Keller
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Capstone Publishers

  • “Our customers love it because now there is an extra reason to buy a car from us. They get discounts on things they are already doing. It really is a win-win for everybody. ”

    — Paul Shaw
    Vice President and Co-Owner
    Ken Shaw Automotive